Our philosophy

We thrive on making job search an enjoyable experience while creating growth opportunities

We believe job seekers should not be left alone during their job search. Starting with a step-by-step structured approach that could be tailored to once needs helps getting momentum.

We also believe that human interactions are key and should be structured to get the most out of the process. While looking for a job, one can interact with many different people: coaches, peers, family, personal and professional network, interviewers, headhunters,… Each one is a building block of a successful and enjoyable campaign!

The team

Mohamed-Ali BACCAR, Founder & CEO

“DAli” wants to make the world a better place by helping and supporting people around him to become better persons and professionals. At work, he thrives on building an environment that helps individuals feel comfortable and grow.

He spent 15+ years in the insurance industry (CNP Assurances, April) doing IT Project Management, Management consulting, and M&A. He transitioned to Strategy Consulting at McKinsey in London and, after his tenure, he has done independent consulting around digital and innovation. He also helped launch a political party (Launch strategy and organization, Digital strategy).

During his two successful career transitions, he learned a lot and had the idea to create this platform to support job seekers. He also mentored many friends and professional relationships with their career issues.

He holds an MBA from INSEAD, an MsC in Management Information Systems from Université Paris Dauphine and a Master in Management from Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Tunis.

Sébatien DOUBEY, co-founder & CTO

Sébastien (“Seb”) is passionate about IT since his childhood. He always focused on learning skills and techniques that would allow him to create products serving as many people as possible.

He values transparency and has strong moral values. He is also a staunch defender of respect towards individuals, whatever the constraints are.

He graduated from an engineering school in 2007 and started working directly for startups. He preferred the freedom and hands-on experience of small structures to the more structured and processed approach of large organizations. The most important for him was to learn in all areas.

Following first experiences within Prylos (bought by Doro), Penbase, Bewoopi, and Sypiens (bought by Voxco), he helped to create some startups like Soundytics (Musical analysis), Awdio (Event streaming), Calendoc (Rdv medical). Some of these ventures have worked, some haven’t… Through successes and failures, he learned a lot in terms of technology, entrepreneurship, and management.

Over the years, he specialized in Backend development (Spring boot), AWS services (EBT, S3, CF, RDS, EC2, DDB), Frontend development (BackboneJS, then Angular2). More recently, he adopted DevOps methodology and DDD, CQRS and, Hexagonal architectures.