As a coach, you may meet these challenges...

Multiple sources for delivering career services

To cover all your needs in the career development life cycle, you may need to contract or create various services: internal and external coaching, CMS (Content management systems), external platforms, group coaching, etc...

Difficulty to coordinate
and insure consistency
between all these sources

As you increase the number of services and channels to deliver your career development, you need to ensure consistency in the quality deleivered to each coachee.

Heavy digitalization cost

Career services digitization requires heavy investments and maintenance costs.

Streeme.io offers three interfaces for …



How do we walk the talk?

Easy implementation

We can implement create your space and get your content on the platform in days. You can create your users with a simple spreadsheet in minutes.

Standard coaching journeys
for more clients

We help you create career development journeys for different avatars by integrating your tools and content or using our toolkit.

...yet customizable

Your coaches can customize each coachee journey to tailor it to their needs.

One-stop shop digital tool

Your students and alumni can access all the ressources they need in one platform.

Easy coach /
coachee interactions

Your coaches can follow their coachees' progress, comment and communicate with them.

For the following benefits


The platform allows organizations to offer all their career development & transition resources in one place.

Grow scope

Implementing a digital one-stop shop will allow you to expand your geographical footprint

Keep costs
under control

With Streeme.io you can serve more users with the same capacity

Curious about how we can help you offer the best career development possible?

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