A few things that makes us different…

We are thriving to create an efficient ecosystem between organizations, coaches,
 and job seekers

coaching JOURNEY

We partnered with a renowned coaching firm to build a coaching journey based on years of experience supporting students and working professionals.

These journeys are customizable at organization, coaches, and job seeker level.


We create a private space for each organization.

Each organization can access its own customizable space (data shared between members only, colors, logo,…).


We bring as much automation as possible to alleviate job search chores and provide a new perspective to job seekers.

For example, we generate a CV based on the information provided throughout the process; we automate networking tasks,…


Our messaging platform centralizes communications between job seekers and coaches. It allows job seekers to connect one with another to get peer-to-peer interactions.


We have a strict policy protecting user data and don’t share personal information with anyone.

Only coaches have access to detailed job seekers data, whereas organizations have oversight on overall progress and cohort data.


75% of the job market is “hidden”: Networking is becoming vital for job seekers.

Our networking module allows job seekers to analyze their network and identify the right path for the dream job.

Our Partners

We are partnering with leading business schools, alumni associations and career transition coaching firms to provide the best support to job seekers