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A one-stop shop for career development and job search

We help you offer your clients an exhaustive digital career development and job search experience, so you can focus on what really matters.

Professionalize and improve your coaching practice

Coach better

Adapt your coaching practice to your clients and rely on our automation and gamification tool to help you coach your client.

Save time

Use the platform to saveĀ precious time.
For example, our 360 feedback tool can save you up to 3 hours of work.

Coach more

You can take more clients adapting the intensity of supervision and approcah to their needs and their profile.
Increase your geographic reach thanks to digital.


Custom brand design

You can customize the platform to reflect your brand logo, color, and fonts.

Private digital space

Create your own experience centralizing all your tools, content, and coaches in one place.

Data protection & Security

We are GDPR compliant and have a strict policy protecting user data. We do not share personal information with anyone.
We have strong password policies and MFA (multi-Factor Authentification).

Transparent fee structure

We provide the tech infrastructure and the specialized content and we get a fee in return.

Two interfaces

Client interface to perform all activities and manage campaign
Coach interface to facilitate interaction with clients

Efficient coaching

Our coaches say the platform saves them tremendous time and allows them to focus on what matters.
e.g. The 360Ā° module saves them 2-3 hours of work

Why us ?


The 50+ tools and features cover the whole career transition and job search process.


You can customize the platform by uploading your own tools adapting to the indvidual journey of each client


Your client data and your coaching tools are segregated in your private coaching space.

What they say about us

Discover what coaches and job seekers say about us

Streeme.io is a Ā complete outplacement solution that allows us to offer our members and coaches a standard toolkit while tailoring each coching journey to individual needs. Moreover, we were able to extend our services to more alumni across a wider geography with the same coaching capacityĀ 


Career services lead

Streeme is a a real tool to accelerate one's career transition by following a step-by-step process. It supports your coach who can focus on the aspects with the highest added value. This platform allows you to gain depth of thought and efficiency thanks to an optimal organization of your work.


Coachee, CFO

It is a very exhaustive platform. AĀ one-stop shop with all the tools we need for career development and outplacement in a very structured way yet with a lot of freedom in the way we can use it.



Streeme.io allowed me to take ownership of my career by laying down all my professional realizations.
There are also many tools to help you manage the job search process in itself.



Make job search simple...

Your coachees are fed up with managing dozen of files and an excel sheet for their networking contacts? We make life easier for them:

  • Our CV tool will generate a CV with all the information they submitted to the platform
  • Our Networking CRM will alleviate the administrative chores related to their job search campaign
  • Our visual Job applications will help them monitor and prepare for their interviews

... exhaustive ...

We offer an exhaustive toolkit for career development and job search.
From initial self-discovery exercises through to CVs, applications and interviews, our process helps users think about their needs and provides a framework for them to project manage their career journeys, develop their go-to-market strategy, and manage their campaign.
in addition, we host all your own additional bespoke content - coaching exercises, articles, videos, blogs -whatever you find most useful in your coaching practice.

... and human!

Career transition is not only about introspection, sending CVs, and having interviews. Our platform also helps users manage their emotions and their energy.
We also facilitate their relationship with their coach by making sure he/she can track their progress, comment on their answer, and message them.