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30-day money back guarantee

For individuals


Up to 5 coachees

All the basics you need to help your clients succeed in their career transition

€15  / month
per coachee
(180€ billed annually)
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What’s included
    • Outplacement coaching journey with a library of 50+ tools
    • Job search and networking CRM foryour coachees
    • Upload up to 2 coaching tools
    • Upload up to 5articles/videos
    • Message centre
    • Coach interface to manage your coachees
    • Track and manage your clients progress
    For coaching firms


    Unlimited number of coachees

    SaaS model to build your own digital ecosystem and customize the platform to your own needs.

    Project based
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    All plans +
      • Unlimited number of coachees and coachs
      • Integration support
      • Customizable 360° feedback module
      • Coaching journeys configurator
      • Create your own modules
      • P2P coaching


      Coach features
      Manage your clients in one interface
      Toolkit with 50+ specialized tools in career development and job search
      Customize each client journey
      Follow your client progress and answers
      Communication centre to manage all interactions with your clients
      Get alerts on your clients progress
      Video messaging
      Integrated 360° module for your clients
      Customizable 360° survey
      Custom implementation project (Toolkit, cutomer journeys, multimedia content)
      Give you on a particular client to your colelagues
      Internal coaches marketplace (for messaging and appointments)
      Peer to peer coaching (2023 roadmap)
      Dedicated support
      Coachees / clients features
      Coaching journey with all the key tools for career development and job search
      Energy and mood tracking
      CV generator
      Networking CRM to follow your camapign
      Job application
      Interface and content cutomization
      Upload your own modules and exercises
      Up to 2
      Up to 6
      Upload your own multimedia content (articles / videos)
      Up to 5
      Up to 20
      Multi-Factor Authentification (MFA) for improved security
      Product tour
      Own logo and branding
      Cutomization of all coaching journeys
      Switch on and off features for your organization