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STREEME is a job search matching and support platform provided by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES to enable students, young professionals, and experienced executives to benefit from a number of coaching tools and methods viadigital tools, meetings, or professional support.

The use of the application implies the acceptance, by the User, of the entirety of thepresent general conditions, of which he declares to have taken full knowledge.


means the STREEME platform, available at https:/www.streeme.io and  https:/www.streeme.io

refers to the services offered on the Platform and in particular assistance ortraining, job search assistance, support services provided to Members by theCoach on the Site, etc.

Organization: means :-Alumni association, network, or anyother alumni group, - Theschool or university or any other educational institute,- The private law company,wishing tomake STREEME Services available to its members/students/collaborators.The decisionto accept or not an Organization as a partner is the sole unilateral decisionof INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES, which will not have to justify it.

refers to the Alumni, student, or former graduate, member of an Alumni association or registered with an institute, employee partnerof INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES wishing to access the Services. The member is an individual of legal age or under the control of a legal guardian, capable of contracting.

Coach: refers to the professional providing Members with professional support or coachingservices. He may be an independent individual, an employee of a coachingcompany or a member of a coaching network, or a legal entity carrying out theactivity of coaching.

User: means the natural or legal person, Coach, Member or Organization, or any third partyvisitor, when the provisions of the present TUs are applicable regardless ofthe profile.

Administrator: refers to the company or person employed or not by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES and authorized to use the Platform for professional or management purposes: they have access allowing them to configure or carry outactions on the Users' Accounts and carry out data processing. The Administratorcan block access to a User in the event of use that does not comply with these TUs.

means a valid account giving access to the Services of the Site;

Content: refers to any content that Users can access or download from the Site, including but not limited to modules (reflection or work exercises), articles, training courses,events, directories, profile sheets with personal data according to the privacy settings that each User has configured in their preferences;

Scope of the General Terms of Use

The present Terms of Use (TUs) are accessible at any time on the Site. They apply to any use, to any User, and to any access to the Site's Services. They are validated electronically by the User at sign-up and at each modification. The STREEME professional social network is not freely accessible. Access is reserved for Organizations, Members, and Coaches of the network who have accepted the Terms and Conditions and having an account with a login and a password. Users acknowledge that they have read and understood the TUs and agree to be bound by them. INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES reserves the right to modify the GCU at any time.

Descriptionof the services
The Site offers a digitalized coaching path and the connection with service providersthat can contribute to a more effective job search campaign: coaches for Members wishing to benefit from professional coaching delivered by professionalcoaches.
The Site also offers:
- A participative network information and sharing service (news, events, discussions, newsletters, comments, internalmessaging, notifications, sharing to social networks, etc.)
- A peer to peer coaching service
- A directory

Access to services
The User ofthe Site acknowledges that he/she has the necessary skills and means to access this Site and that he/she has verified that the computer configuration used does not contain any virus and that it is in perfect working order.

Upon the first login, the User will have to accept and validate the TUs, specify his password, and update his Account preferences regarding notifications and the level of privacy of his profile information.

Where applicable, visitors outside the STREEME network will be able to access the Site, view public articles and events. Still, they will not be able to visit profiles, post comments, or participate in discussions.

Use of the services
Within the framework of the use of the services proposed on the Site, the Users commit them selves in addition and without any limit nor reserve to
- use the services provided by the Site in good faith,
- respect the purpose of the Site,
- not to interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of the service by other Users,
- respect the rights of third parties and all legislative or regulatory provisions inforce,
- to upload only files containing text and photos or illustrations, created bythemselves or for which they hold the intellectual property rights or a licenseor free of rights,
- uploadvirus-free files
- not to transmit, publish, distribute, save or destroy data posted on the Site in violation of regulations concerning the collection, processing, or transfer ofpersonal data, and/or in breach of the data protection guidelines established by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES
- not to carry out actions that would represent an unreasonable or disproportionatestrain on the Site's infrastructure
- notto use data mining systems, robots, or any other similar method for thecollection, aggregation, reproduction, exploitation and/or deletion of datapublished on the Site.
- Not to endanger or attempt to endanger the security of the Site.
- Not to reference or link to any content on the Site except as expressly permittedby these TOU.
- Not to create a profile in the name of another person and not to use a pseudonym ore-mail address that could infringe on the rights of third parties (patronymic name, brand name...), nor to usurp a name, a corporate name, or a registered trademark.
-Not to obtain passwords or personaldata from other Users.

Users agree not to upload content and not to make any abusive, offensive, obscene, misleading, defamatory, disparaging, violent, racist, or inciting to violence, racism, pornography, pedophilia or crimes, and offenses, contrary to public order ormorality, contravening the rights of others. Users also agree not to divert theuse of the Site for propaganda purposes or recruitment in sects, commercialprospecting, or politics.

The messages and images posted are under the responsibility of their author, who undertakes to assume all the responsibilities, and the related consequences. In particular, the author guarantees INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES against allactions taken by third parties and having as a cause, basis, or origin thecontents of his message. He, therefore, undertakes to pay the amount of thecondemnations and related defense costs or any transactional indemnity whichwould be due within the framework of the litigation. The representatives of the Site decline all responsibility for the content of messages posted by users.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES reserves the right, without justification, to refuse accessto the Site to any User who has not respected the present TUs or the applicable law without prejudice to the damages that could be requested by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES in compensation for the prejudice suffered.

Notifications and Messages
Users agree that notifications and messages may be sent to them via the Site by the following means either through the Site's internal messaging system or sent to thecontact information provided (e.g., e-mail address, mobile number, mailing address). It is the responsibility of Users to ensure that their contact information is accurate and up to date. Otherwise, important notifications may not be received.

Stipulations specific to coaching and professional support services

The modalities of selection and intervention of the Coach by the member are fixedby the Organization. A Coach cannot require to work with the same member; forthis reason it is expressly recalled that the coach does not have a right of continuation with the Members with whom he worked.

The Coach, commits himself to comply with the charter of Ethics edited by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES and has the duty to be in conformity with the French laws andregulations. INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES reserves the right to verify atany time the compliance of the Coach with the laws and regulations applicableto him, his diplomas, and experience.

The Coach exerciseshis activity in complete independence and freely provides advice, opinions, and answers given his qualifications and expertise. As the sole master of hispractice, he can post exercises or articles and use any tool, material,software, information, means, or method that is state of the art; in thisrespect, the Coach is solely responsible for their use.

The Coach does notreceive any orders or instructions from INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES or Organizations. The Site has no access to the information transmitted during coaching servicesand therefore excludes all responsibility in this respect.Thecontractual relationship between the Coach and INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES canin no way be considered as creating a link of subordination or mandate between the Coach and INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES.

The Coach is bound by virtue of his ethical rules to professional secrecy and is solelyresponsible for the confidentiality of documents and information he may receive concerning Members and services. This obligation will survive the end of thecontractual relationship between the Coach and INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES forany reason whatsoever for a period of ten (10) years. The Coach agrees to take out and maintain throughout the duration of his partnership a professional liability insurance covering the coaching services provided on theSite.

The Site allows the Coach to provide services that in no way substitute for medical consultations. Consequently, the Coach commits himself not to formulate a medical diagnosis. Under no circumstances shall the Site allows Users to access a medical service. If necessary, the Coach shall invite the member to consult adoctor or the services he/she deems appropriate for him/her.

Coaching fees
The terms of payment for coaching services are defined by the Organizations, which are responsible for the participation of their Members. The Coach is responsible for all taxes, duties, and/or levies applicable in his country of origin to the billing and payment of the Services. No fees (including Internet connection fees) will be reimbursed to the Coach by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES.

Intellectual Property

The Site as well as the texts, software, images, videos, data, and any other work presenton the Site, are the exclusive property of MABVENTURE and protected as such bythe right of the intellectual property. The User of the Site undertakes not to reproduce them without the express consent of INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES. Any reproduction of the Site and its contents and modules, in whole or in part,without the authorization of INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES is strictly forbidden, and would constitute a counterfeit sanctioned civilly and criminallyas an offence.

License to use the contents put online by the Users

In order to allow the provision of the Services, and in accordance with the purpose of the Site, the User grants INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES a non-exclusive licenseto use the content and data that he integrates and/or puts online via the Site.The User guarantees INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES that he has the necessaryrights, including all the intellectual property rights, on the articles, testimonies,comments, images, and data of any nature that he divulges on the Site, allowinghim to grant the rights transmitted in the present.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES does not acquire any property right on the data, information,and/or contents provided by the Users

By publishinghis data, information, and/or content on the Site, each User accepts that it bepublished on the said Site and accessible to other Users, in accordance withthe personal parameters of his profile and account. Consequently, each User authorizesother Users to consult his personal data thus accessible via his profile, and to use them to contact him. He expressly accepts this use of his profile, whichis the essence of the Site and the Services.

For the sole purpose of executing the service, the User authorizes INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES to reproduce, represent, adapt and translatethe content and data provided by him via the Site, on any digital recordingmedium, present or future, in any format and by any process known and unknownto date, to the extent necessary for any storage, backup, transmission ordownloading operation involved in the operation of the Site and the provisionof the service.

This right includes the ability to carry out, with respect to the moral rights of the User, modifications to the formatting of its content in order to respect the graphiccharter of the Site and/or to make it compatible with its technical performanceor the relevant formats, with a view to its insertion and/or publication viathe Site.

The purpose of this authorization is to allow INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES to broadcast by digital network and according to any communication protocol, and in particular Internet, as well as to make available to the public, the contents and data of the Users, so that any person can have access to it from the placeand at the time that it chooses individually, via the Site, in accordance with the parameter setting defined by each User.

This license is granted for the whole world and for the duration of the Contract binding theMember to INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES.

In the event of a clear infringement of intellectual property rights on the Site, the person having an interest in the preservation of his or her rights is invited to inform INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES of this infringement, using the contactform available on the Site.

Processing of personal data
Users agree to always provide truthful and accurate personal data and to update it as necessary to keep it complete and accurate.

A User's information contained in the STREEME network database remains the property of that User.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES processes personal data in the context of access and/or useof the Site. This includes data collected by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES whena User activates his or her Account or updates information on the User'sprofile.

Under the European regulations in force, the Users of the Site have the following rights:
- right of access and rectification,updating, completion of the Users' data
- right to erase personal data of Users,
- right to withdraw consent at any time,
- right to limit the processing of User data,
- right to object to the processing of Users' data,
- right to portability of data providedby the Users,

No personal information is collected without the knowledge of network members.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES is the only one authorized to hold the data and undertakesnot to resell them or transmit them to third parties, and that this informationwill not be processed for any other purpose than being put on line on the Site.

It is specified here that the Site may use APIs to improve the user experience, such as authentication or usage analysis APIs.

The INTERNATIONALCOACHING SERVICES website is protected by the provisions of the Code of intellectual property, notably on the protection of databases. Any person who would constitute a file or a database with the information present on the INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES Site, and who would place it at the disposal of a third party, on a purely financial basis or free of charge, without the agreement of INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES and in violation of the CGU, would be exposed to the civil and/or penal sanctions envisaged by the Code of the intellectual property.

Treatment of the Coach's personal data

The Coach consents, within the framework of his registration on the Site and the provision of the Services, to the collection and processing of personal data concerning him by INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES.

Personal data relating to the Coach, collected during registration on the Site are processed in compliance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, known as the Data Protection Act, as amended, and the European Regulation 2016/679 of April 27, 2016.

The Coach's personal data may be transmitted to persons using the Services. This information and dataare kept for security purposes to comply with legal and regulatory obligations.

Processing of Members' personal data
The data collected on the Site during the creation of the account are in particular, without this list being exhaustive, the personal coordinates (telephone, mobile, personal e-mail(s), principal and secondary address), date of birth, name, family status, date of birth, profile photo, presentation, training,school and university curriculum, skills acquired, and languages practiced, additional training, current situation and professional wishes, current job andprofessional coordinates (position, typical function, company, typical sector,), previous job(s), associative activities and centers of interest.

This collection of information allows us to generate a Curriculum Vitae,

The answers to the tests or modules can be summarized and used to monitor indicators throughout the job search process. This collection of information remains strictly confidential between the coach and the coachee. No health data is collected on the Site. Members, through the management of their privacy settings, can limit access to their profile information according to the type of User or visitor.

Processing of Members' Personal Data by Coaches
The Coach is authorized to process, as a data controller, personal data relating to the Members with whom it works, necessary to provide the Services, only in the context of the performance of these services and only for the time needed for the performance of the Services.

The Coach undertakes to guarantee the confidentiality of the personal data of the Members andrefrains from assigning or transferring them, in any form whatsoever, to a third party or subcontractor. In this respect, the Coach must implement the necessary security measures to avoid any unauthorized access to this data.

The Coach shall notify the Site of any violation of the personal data of Members as well as any complaint from a Member within a maximum of 12 hours after becoming aware of it. The Coach shall notify, if necessary, this violation to the competent authority.

Personal data of external visitors
Where applicable, visitors from outside the network will be required to provide the following minimum data:
- First name, Last name, E-mail, and,depending on specific events, the following data
- Address, Telephone, Mobile, Date of birth, Current position, Company, Business address, Business e-mail


When you use the Site, information is automatically collected, including personal information, about the services you use and how they are used (cookies).

This information is necessary for the proper performance of the services, to provide and improve the functionality of the Site:
- Geolocation Information: When usingcertain features of the Site, location information could be collected through the IP address or GPS of a mobile device to provide a better user experience. Mostmobile devices allow you to control or disable the use of location-basedservices.
- Usage Information: information about Users' interactions on the Site, such as page views, content views, searches, and other actions on the Site for the purpose of improving the Site Services.
-Connection and Device Data: Automatically collects connection and device data when the Site is accessed. This information includes, but is not limited to: information on how the Site isused, IP address, access dates and times, computer hardware and software data,device data, device usage data, unique identifiers, crash data, cookies. This information is used to improve the performance of the Site and the quality ofthe Services and to detect and prevent fraud, spam, abuse, security incidents, and other harmful activities. 

Duration of data retention
The data willonly be stored for as long as is necessary for the purpose for which it is tobe used, in accordance with legal requirements.

The User of the Site acknowledges being informed of the risks linked to the use of the Internet and networks, and in particular the fact that information relating to personal data concerning him/her can be copied or intercepted. The User of theSite acknowledges accepting these risks, for which INTERNATIONAL COACHINGSERVICES cannot be held responsible. INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES implements all the technical and human resources to ensure a permanent level of security in accordance with the rules of the art in force in this field and to prevent the attacks of malicious persons.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES cannot be held responsible for any indirect damage that mayresult from the use of the Site, including loss of profits, profit, image,clientele, activitý, reputation or expected gain, or loss of opportunity.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES undertakes to take particular care concerning the veracity ofthe information exchanged on the Site and to keep it regularly updated.However, errors or omissions could be noted. In this case, Users are invited toreport them so that the necessary corrections can be made. On the occasion ofthese verifications and occasional interventions, the Site Administrat or undertakes not to modify the Contents in a way that could change their meaning.However, he reserves the right to move Contents if he notices a flagrant errorof thematic classification.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES does not guarantee uninterrupted access to the Site, inparticular in the event of interventions for maintenance, repairs, or disruptions of Internet connections. It cannot be held responsible fortechnical failures and related losses of data, nor for any other indirect damage occurring during or linked to the use of the Site.

INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES is only bound by an obligation of means and excludes all responsibility for the quality of the Services provided.

It is formally recognized that any tolerance or renunciation of INTERNATIONAL COACHING SERVICES in the application of the present, whatever the frequency or duration,cannot be considered as a modification of the present GCU, nor generate anyright.

In case of contradiction between the French version of the TUs and its translation, onlythe French version will prevail.

The nullity of one of the clauses of these TUs, in application in particular of a law, a regulation, or following a decision of a competent jurisdiction that has become final shallnot entail the nullitý of the other clauses of these TUs which shall retaintheir full effect and scope.

Applicable Law and jurisdiction
These TUs are subject to French law.

Any dispute that may arise from the interpretation of these Terms of Use or from the performance of the Services will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Paris.